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Benefits of Membership

**2022 UPDATE: Not accepting new members at this time**

Connect with other Autistics

No one understands the autistic experience like other autistics. Membership gives you access to opportunities to connect with and chat with other autistic business owners for support, advice and friendship. 

On-Going Development 

Gain access to courses tailored to the specific business needs of autistic entrepreneurs to develop your skill set and grow your business.

Access to Funding

Members can benefit from micro grants or give back to the autistic entrepreneurship community by supporting other autistic-led start-ups

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Membership Options

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  • If you are in the start-up (<3 years) or idea phase, this membership level is for you.

  • Participate in the Mentorship program

  • Access the How-To eCourse series

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  • All the benefits of Larva plus:

  • Get listed in our business directory

  • Participate in networking events

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  • All the benefits of Cocoon plus:

  • A percentage of your membership fee goes to a grant pool to help support your fellow members or sponsor a membership

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