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Adam Schwartz

Using humour and his personal experiences with autism and often feeling like an outsider, Adam starts the necessary conversations on how we can create more inclusive, inviting spaces. 

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3D Artist and Illustrator

Zach Reisman

My name is Zach and I am an illustrator. I was diagnosed with autism at age six and had to work very hard in school. In 2015 I completed a college program in 3D modeling and design. In 2017, my mom and I launched Zach Designs together. We produce greeting cards with my illustrations. I began with holiday-themes and then created an all-occasions line. It’s been said that my
illustrations make people feel happy and that makes me feel great too.
Please visit our website where you can see all of the card designs and use the “contact” feature to get in touch with us or place an order.

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Founder and Principal Liberty Co

Wanda K. Deschamps

Wanda's ultimate goal is to increase the participation level of members of the neurodiverse population in the workforce with a special focus on autism due to her own diagnosis at midlife.

A champion for inclusion, she enjoys writing under the banner of the Inclusion Revolution a worldwide movement launched in 2018 to spearhead broader thinking about disability, especially disability employment. Wanda is also the catalyst behind the #women4women collective focused on gender equality through supporting other women. 

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Sarah Owocki

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